Change of name

I have recently changed my name via deed poll back to my maiden name, how do I change this on my billing account

Hi @Naomiclarke254 ,

Hello fellow deed poll name changer! :wink: Whilst I didn’t change my name whilst with Bulb, it should just be a case of sending Bulb a copy of the deed poll (or other proof of change of name) to them via email according to Updating your personal information – Bulb . Let me know if you hit any problems - I found my name change reasonably easy (first thing - get certified copies from the Post Office so I can send them to DVLA etc, and then the bank, and then start working through everyone else : the only time the original ‘cheapo’ deed poll (remember they aren’t actually ‘official’ in any way) wasn’t good enough was getting one of my passports changed when I actually had to see a notary public which cost around £120 for 15 minutes time).