Change of residence (Meter readings)

Guys I would like some help. I moved to a new residence on July 1st, this residence does not have power supplied by bulb, so I contacted bulb and my contract starts on July 28th. I’m in doubt if I should send the Meter readings from July 1st or from July 28th, because as I’m going to pay these last 3 weeks until the beginning of the contract, I don’t want to pay the consumption of the previous tenant. Thanks.

You’re responsible for the energy bill from 1st July onwards, as that’s when you moved in.

You need to give whoemever supplies the property now a meter reading for 1st July. You’ll give them another reading on 28th to close the account with them, and the same reading needs to be supplied to Bulb to start your account there.


Thanks for the reply, I rented the house from the real estate, the electricity is new provided by (E-on) and the Gas by (British gas), should I open an account with each company and provide the reading meters? Another question, do I need to close the account with them later and notify Bulb? Thanks

You will need to get in touch with Eon and British Gas and give them the readings from 1st July. They’ll want to start accounts in your name.

Bulb will automatically liaise with Eon and BG on your behalf in order to push through the planned switch on 28th, but it won’t hurt if you give Eon and BG your readings directly as well. The accounts with Eon and BG will be automatically closed as part of the switch.

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