Change of Supplier Final Meter Reads

I have a large credit with my previous supplier who say they won’t generate a final bill and refund me any credit until they have final meter reads from Bulb. My transfer to Bulb completed a week ago when I provided my meter readings. How long does it normally take Bulb to forward the readings to the old supplier?

@Band1973, honestly it sounds like your old supplier is just dragging their heels, trying to hang on to the money for as long as possible.

I’m sure someone from Bulb will be able to check your account for you to confirm but once the three week switch is over, your previous supplier should have the final meter readings.

Hi @Band1973 , this is something we hear often and we wrote this great help article on the situation:

I’ve copied here for you too:
Your previous supplier can take up to 6 weeks to issue their final bill.

Around your supply start date (up to 5 days either side is OK) we will ask for an opening meter reading. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you. We pass this reading on to your old supplier so they can close your account and issue a final bill. On the way over, your reading goes through third-party checks to ensure your old supplier agrees with it.

Sometimes, your old supplier might tell you we haven’t sent them. This is normally because the readings are still being checked (it can take up to 4 weeks), or your old supplier has yet to agree to them (often unknown to call centre staff). Since your old supplier is responsible for releasing your final bill, we can’t say for certain when you’ll get it, but from our experience, it usually happens in four to six weeks.

Thanks for the help @mowcius !