Change over around 31st December 2017

My contract runs out on the above date, I have to wait as I have exit fees with my exiting company,can you help it is £30 each service £60

@Dolly18 You can’t specify a change over date you just need to do it 21 days before. If you contract finishes in the next 40 odd days then there should be no exit fees to switch now anyway! If you are charged any then Bulb would pay them up to £120 anyway.

best of luck with your switch

"When the rules change i will abide by them ...." @tom6685

Hi @Dolly18 Thanks for getting in touch. Yep - @tom6685 is correct, your previous supplier won’t charge you exit fees for that end-of-contract date. If they did, we would pay them for you! Happy days!

"When the rules change i will abide by them ...." @tom6685

Yeah I remember that too. Maybe he’s got a serious issue with his memory?

@mowcius I live in hope that @“Will at Bulb” doesn’t change his mind about what he said (which you’ll remember too).

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