Change payment method and amount

Hi, I would like to pay my bill as it comes, ie the full amount of outstanding bill each month. I no longer wish to be on a system of totally unrealistic variable payments trying to put me in credit as this is detrimental to my monthly outgoings and making it difficult to pay other things like mortgage and council tax. Bulb did this for my mum so she has a monthly bill of net zero as they only take what she owes so no credit or debit on the account. This is what I would like also please.

The monthly overpayment that Bulb take is probably to see you over the winter period.
Appreciating that it reduces your monthly spend on other things in the summer, to follow the course that you suggest may, repeat may, eradicate a large amount of your winter salary completely?
I am a pensioner and although not having the risk of redundancy, I do not have the benefit of salary increases either, so I would advocate the equalisation of the yearly expense over the whole year, avoiding the peaks and troughs.

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:
I am in the process of requesting the removal of my gas supply as I have found that running a ceramic fan heater which varies its consumption based on its temperature much more efficient at heating my room than the central heating system and only needs to be on an hour or so to take the chill off the air. Watching the IHD shows it to be much cheaper at heating than the 26+Kwh the Gas boiler was using to heat rooms I don’t use even though the upstairs rads are off. For Gas to be efficient there has to be a minimum amount of rads in operation set by the boiler manufacturer. My boiler was fitted over 15 years ago by Power Gen and is serviced each year. It is a Viessmann boiler and has only a few parts replaced (inexpensive ones) and my plumber is always astonished at its longevity and efficiency rating when he tests it (last test 96% efficiency) however, long story short it is well over spec for my needs and eats gas like a greedy gas eating gas monster when in use. No complaints at scolding hot water on demand if you want it or heating that turns the house into a furnace but my needs are not what they used to be and the boiler simply needs to be removed from the equation.
In short, I can manage a singe fuel use bill better than 2 fuels which contradict each other. :slight_smile:

Now that makes sense.:grinning:
Good luck and I hope you stay warm and spend less.
It is not a solution that is available to all of us. My lifestyle tends to be over several rooms which are mainly open and hence need a good heat source to maintain a reasonable temperature.