Change pre paid gas meter

Hi can I get someone to come change my pre paid gas meter please

Thanks phoebe jehu

Hi @phoebe.jehu

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Are you wanting to change the meter to a credit (pay monthly meter)?

If so, this is the process for changing from prepayment meters to credit :

We will then run a soft credit check (which won’t affect your credit score) to confirm whether you can switch to a credit meter. If you are eligible for a credit meter we can install second generation (SMETS2) smart meters free of charge. If you’d prefer not to have a smart meter, we will need to charge a fee for the meter exchange.

Let me know if you have any other questions


We have just moved in to a new property and have arranged to switch to Bulb, it has a pre paid Eon meter, can we arrange for it to be changed to a smart meter please.

Hey @beverly

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We can certainly look at changing it for you. When you switch to Bulb drop us a message or email/call in, we can then look at booking it in.

There are a series of questions to ask to just ensure you have the right setup for smart but we would be unable to book this in pre-switch.

We look forward to you becoming an official Bulb member later on this month :bulb: