Change tariff and direct debit

I would like to change my tariff to the variable cheaper one and also change the direct debit to a variable one please

Good luck with changing tariff, I’ve been waiting since December! Told it would happen end of April, still nothing. I’ve given up contacting Bulb about anything because I just don’t believe what they say.

I’ve also asked for a variable direct debit… I’ll be chasing them for sure!!

Bulb only have one tariff. I think you’re asking for a variable direct debit where you only pay what you’re billed. The cost per unit remains the same. It is not cheaper.

They have the EV tariff which compares cheaper over the year.

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Hi @karennubley :wave:

As you have smart meters we can look to move you onto the EV tariff. To start you need to update the frequency of your smart meter readings to half-hourly. You can do this through the account settings section on the Bulb account

Once you’ve done that leave the account for a week or two. Come back on and see if you can follow a link on the main account page about joining our EV tariff. If this does not show up then please let us know and we can take a look.

Let me know if you have any questions about this,

– KT :bulb:

hi Katie,
there is no such option in my bulb account settings to change the meter reading frequency. i have a smart meter and have an EV. i wanted to switch to EV tariff for a long time now but everytime i try your website says wait until we figure out how to read your meter remotely.


Hey @raminsm30

Thanks for your post on community. we are sorry you are having issues with the connection to the EV tariff.

Currently your meter has not been commissioned to the smart network, so a swap to EV would not be possible currently, we are working on getting your smart meters back online and then we can look to do this switch.

Sorry for the wait.

–Carl :bulb: