Change the name of the main account holder


Looking to see how Easy it is to change the main account holders name from mine to someone else and remove myself from the account totally?

Thanks in advance!

Think you would have to close your account, effectively “move out” and the person wanting to take over paying would have open a new account in their name

yes please. how can i do it?

You’d have to phone customer services but they’re bound by the Data Protection rules so as has been said, don’t be surprised if that account has to be closed completely and a new one opened

I doubt very much that an account CAN be transferred or the name changed

Hi @achokobakhidze

If you’d like to change the primary account holder then @shaun5948 is right - we’d need to close your account and open a new one.

We can get this done for you, but advise calling in whilst with the person who’s name it will be transferred to. This is so we can get both your consents for the name change :bulb: