Change to Bulb & now I don't qualify for Warm Home Discount...?

I was formerly with Scottish Power, and received the Warm Home Discount on grounds of low income, even though I don’t receive any low income benefits.

However, on looking at Bulb, I don’t qualify from the broader group because I don’t get said low income benefit, even though my circumstances are exactly the same. Can someone help?

Different suppliers have different eligibility criteria, subject to the minimum defined by Ofgem. This means that someone that is eligible with one supplier may not be with another, and so it is essential to check the potential new supplier requirements before switching.

It looks like Scottish Power must offer the WHD to a wider group of people than that required by Ofgem. The only thing you can do is ensure you switch to a supplier where you qualify against their requirements.

you should still apply.i did not fit into the broader group.i’m on basic state pension.if you are over 65 and have a low income you should apply now,good luck