Changed bank account details for direct debit but its not been taken


I changed my direct debit details a few weeks ago but my payment that was due around 28th September hasn’t left my account yet. I received a payment reminder email on 21st September reminding me my payment will leave in around 3 working days.

Can someone from Bulb please confirm what is going on?


Hi @RussellFJ :

I had the same problem when I switch my Bulb account from my Monzo Bank sole-account to our Monzo joint-account. The direct debit just wasn’t taken for the next month (even though it’s normally taken around the 6th and I had changed it a couple of days after the previous months DD so plenty of time). It should come out next month (as mine did), but you can manually credit your account via Payments+Statements if you are concerned you don’t have enough credit already there.

The person at Bulb I emailed ( ) seemed a bit unconcerned about the DD not being taken (even though I had received notification from my bank it had been setup in plenty of time) and just manually pushed a DD through so it doesn’t sound like an uncommon issue, but I do wish Bulb would have a look into it.

Thanks @RichyB for the explanation. Is a bit annoying and if their systems aren’t geared up for it they should at least try and explain what will happen on the payments page!

I’ll manually top up this month.