Changed bank account

I have new bank details which is why you won’t get your next payment unless a REAL person talks to me

Dont be nasty with them,they really are human,I have had great success using the on-line chat,and phoning them,always get a result,if they are busy they phone you back,treat them like YOU want to be treated,I am sure you will get results,DO NOT mess them about with swapping banks,and withholding direct debits,you will get hurt,I myself cannot speak of outcomes of doing this,I have never had to,but I CAN attest to them sorting MY problems,GOOD LUCK,Regards,Ray

Why not make like easier for everyone and log into your Bulb account, go to “Account settings”, “Edit payment settings”, then “Change payment method”. You can enter your new payment details without having to talk to anyone at all.

Like many online companies, Bulb is predominantly self-service with no need to mess about phoning or emailing anyone.

What is the reason for you withdrawing your posts on a regular basis?

Simply because you don’t respond and therein lies the problem
and as I said if you do not respond, I cannot give you my new banking details to set up a direct debit

My trick cyclist keeps reprimanding me on a regular basis and says I should before I get into trouble.
Life aint no fun anymore

Hi there, just in case you are not aware this is primarily a customer to customer forum and only rarely does a Bulb employee come on here to answer queries.

skipp64 isn’t a Bulb employee although from your posts you must think he is?

If you have access to your Bulb account you possibly may be able to change you bank account details yourself. I can’t verify this as I am no longer a Bulb customer. Please see

If you want to contact Bulb direct please see:

I would suggest you in the first instance try “Live Chat”, I had reason to contact Bulb by chat about 30 minutes ago regarding cancelling my direct debit, they answered with about 3 minutes and dealt fully with my query within perhaps 5 minutes.

Your trick cyclist is spot on with the advice.

What does he/she say you should do before you get into trouble, you forgot to tell us?

We haven’t discussed that yet, think that is for tomorrows session, going to be a long one

Hi @janickadia welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

As @Hooloovoo said, the easiest way to update your payment details is

If you would rather speak to one of us you can call on 0300 3030635 between 9-6 Monday to Friday and we would be happy to help.

James W :slight_smile:

And as several other customers have said, why can’t you just log into your account and change your payment details without needing to talk to anyone?

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