Changed to Bulb - what happens to my existing FIT?

Hi everyone,

Hoping someone can advise.

We switched to Bulb just over a year ago, previously being with Scottish Hydro (SSE). With SSE, we were on a dual fuel tariff, and also had a Feed in Tariff (FIT). When we switched over, we were advised somewhere along the way that our SSE FIT would remain unaffected by switching our Gas and Electricity to Bulb.

But SSE haven’t paid anything since. Is there a process for changing an FIT from another company to Bulb, or do we need to start all over again? Hope it’s straightforward, as signing up with SSE for the FIT was a nightmare!

Thanks in advance!

The FiT scheme was always independent of your energy supply arrangements.

Switching your gas and electricity to Bulb would not change the FiT.

You say that SSE have not paid you for some time. Have you continued to supply SSE with the generation readings from your FiT Meter?

Before you can do anything else with the FiT, you’re going to need to sort out getting up to date with SSE first.

Bulb are a FiT licensee, so could take on your FiT contract for you if you wanted (you can sign up from within your Bulb account):


Thanks very much for this, Steve! Will contact SSE today.

Hey @astark0,

Just to jump in and say @stevefoster is completely right, switching your gas and electric shouldn’t have affected your FIT with SSE!

Let us know if you have any issues with them and we’ll be happy to try and help :sun_with_face: