Changes to Energy Usage Graph

Hi, I’m a bit dissatisfied with the graph on the website that shows my energy usage. I was never especially happy as it used to show only five months of usage and didn’t allow me to compare with previous years (other companies do allow this). This was just a niggle, an annoying one, but I lived with it.

However, the graph has now changed but for the worse. Now it shows only the usage for month - and even this usage doesn’t appear to be based on ‘actual’ usage, but is instead averaged out. It’s useless. For a matter of a few pounds here or there I’m inclined to move to another provider. I should imagine many others will feel the same. is there likely to be any change in this situation? It’s pretty well a deal breaker as it is.


Hi @paulf

Sorry to see you’re dissatisfied with the usage graphs currently. It seems your meters are only submitting us reads monthly despite being set to submit them daily on your Bulb account. This unfortunately can happen sometimes, but the good news is it’s easily fixed on our end.

I’ll have our smart team make sure your meters start submitting us daily readings. The usage graphs will then reflect that data, and won’t show an average of the last month’s usages but the actual figures instead.

Thanks for raising this, I’ll make sure it’s taken care of now :+1:

Hi, thanks for getting back so promptly. Will the graph return to a view that will permit me to see a number of months rather than just the single month that I can see at the moment. It’s great that I will be able to see daily usage, but I could do with seeing monthly too.

Thanks again