Changes to the Bulb Community are incoming

We’re planning on giving the Community a facelift to make it easier for members to have a two-way conversation with us.

Here are the changes we’re planning to make. Is there anything else we should do?

  • Complete redesign of the community homepage so you can find the most interesting discussions straight away
  • Make it easier to browse discussions about Bulb separately from Help questions
  • Iron out some bugs
  • Ability for members to change their display name, both in the community and on their referral link

And is there anything that you think we shouldn’t tinker with too much?

Check out our Roadmap to see everything we’re working on.

As a new member I was a bit confused by the layout of the community page which seemed like it was trying to be a standard FAQ type help page but with a hidden forum in the background.

I suspect that people are going to be in one of two camps; either they want to find a quick answer to resolve a problem (FAQ, search and support), or they want to get involved/see what’s going on/be a power user (forum).
As it is, there are duplicates everywhere on the ‘forum’ as the search is so terrible you don’t really know how to find or where to find the answer.
I was going to post a ‘thread’ about it before I found this!

We're planning on giving the Community a facelift to make it easier for members to have a two-way conversation with us.
Should the community not be a place for members to have a group conversation with the community?

In my opinion, the Help and Support section should probably be where the FAQ and contact options for that two-way conversation with the Bulb team are.

As Bulb seems to be trying to be the Monzo of Energy suppliers (which is definitely a positive thing and I know you have been talking), can I suggest Monzo’s forums as an example? (
Discourse as a base always seems like a good start. (

Another couple of suggestions:

- Tidy up the Bulb Team member names on the platform.

It's not clear at present who works for bulb and who doesn't.

Some of you are “Name at Bulb”, some look like imposters as “NameatBulb”, “nameatbulb” or “Name_at_Bulb” and some of you seem to just have nicknames.

I’d suggest either sticking with all nicknames and some kind of badge to show you work for the company, or disallowing spaces in any one else’s forum names, and going with “Name at Bulb”. The latter may cause you issues when you end up with a whole load of employees with the same first name though.

- Have a badge that shows who’s a Bulb customer and who’s just a forum member

Pretty self explanatory. You could also have year club badges for how long people have been a member.