Changing away from Bulb's Smart Tariff

@Eleanor_at_Bulb or @William_at_Bulb we’ve finally been able to move off of Bulb’s Smart-Tariff, this has required more than a couple of calls to Bulb’s customer service. Oddly, the last assistant was able to make this change over the phone, which all previous assistants said they would have to do after the call and would take up to 24hrs. Our Bulb account now shows that we are on the standard Vari-Fair tariff.

However, both our Smart Meter (SMETs1 Elster AS300P) and IHD (SSE Smart Tracker by STI Philippines Inc.) still show us as being on the Smart Tariff. Displaying Bulb’s Smart Tariff’s 3 unit rates, as opposed to the single unit rate.

How long should this take to be updated on the smart meter and IHD?

Furthermore, your customer support stated that our smart meter would still send readings to Bulb automatically, does this mean we can still see our daily usage on the Bulb Usage Graph and won’t need to submit manual meter readings?

@William_at_Bulb would it be possible for you to please get the Smart Team at Bulb to look into our account. We were moved off of the Smart Tariff on the 9th October. After multiple emails and calls to Bulb requesting this change. On the 9th - 10th our Bulb account showed as being on the Vari-Fair tariff.

Both our IHD and Smart Meter are now back to the Vari-Fair Single Rate Tariff.

However, on the 11th of October, Bulb generated our missing statements for July - September. Along with this our account, on the Bulb website, now shows that our Tariff is back on the Smart Tariff. However, our IHD and Smart Meter still show us as being on the Vari-Fair Tariff. Which should I believe?

I’ve sent emails to Robert W at Bulb, via the help email, but am still waiting for a reply.

Furthermore, our usage graph has stopped reporting daily electricity usage for electricity:

Can I get confirmation that Bulb will still take automatic daily or monthly meter readings for electricity? Or will I need to submit manual readings again?