Changing away from key meter

I want to change my meter from a prepay key type to a normal reader (credit) meter.

I contacted Bulb support on 30th December for help.

Email to and fro worked well for 2 days. Asking for more information etc.

After I chased a few days later, a reply email saying:

“…waiting for feedback regard the meter change to a normal meter it’s taking a bit longer then expected.”

That was dated 5th January.

I chased several times since. No reply. I’ve email the ‘complaints’ department. No reply.

Has anyone successfully changed their meter from a key type to normal read type?

This article from Bulb says all you have to do is contact them!


The operative word being “contact”.
The process itself is simple enough.
Firstly they would run a “soft” credit check, after that simply swap your key meter for a not so smart “smart” meter.
The problem seems to be getting C/S to come out of hibernation long enough to get the ball rolling

I moved into my new home in October 2019 which had a pay as you go meter (I’ve never had one before I have a pretty perfect credit score) I am still waiting for a smart meter to be installed even though it was promised or arranged several times over 2020. The cost increases during Nov/Dec/Jan that they say are seasonal changes are absolutely not I have monitored my usage and the increase does not justify the tripling in costs. Very unsatisfied customer - as the customer service is very poor.

Hi @blogbuilder,

We can indeed look into this for you. If there is a delay this may be due to the current engineer availability within your area, or due to your current meter type. We can’t book in 5-terminal smart meter installations at the moment, as those meters aren’t manufactured as an industry just yet. I have sent you an email now with more information on this, and hopefully we can take it from there! :+1:


Hi @lturner_uk

Welcome to our Community page! I can see you are interested in exchanging your meters, which should be no problem at all!

I’m sorry to hear that you have found our customer service poor recently, I have sent you an email now providing further information regarding your account. Please do respond to this, and we’ll be able to take it from there and help get an appointment booked in for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Diana, I’ve just replied to your email.


Amazing, I can confirm I have received this now and will be in touch later on today with an update :bulb: - Diana

Great - thanks so much.


Any update on this? I’ve chased via email but no response.