changing date of direct debit

Hi - we now get our electricity from you. Is it possible to change the date of our direct debit? All our other ones are clustered at the beginning of the month, and I’d like this one to be the same.

Hi @lorraine,

You sure can. Looks like you’re currently going out on the 10th day of the month. When shall I change it to? The 1st?

Just so you know, this moves your next payment date to the next occurrence of that day of the month, so if we changed it to the 1st then you wouldn’t make a payment this month. That’s not a problem though, we’ll keep an eye on your account to make sure it stays healthy.

That was quick! I’m impressed.

I think we’ll let this one go out on the 10th, then move it to the 1st if that’s okay.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Cool, sounds like a good plan.