Changing DD Payment Amount

I have a credit balance on my account and when I look at the option to change my monthly payment it says that the payment must exceed only £5 but when I try to reduce my monthly payment I get an error message, this has happened a few times now. As an experiment I tried to raise the monthly (by £1) figure it was accepted immediately. When I tried to change it back the system doesn’t allow it. Please explain this. Thank you.

I’m sick and tired of bulb. I changed supplier last year and they said it would be £212 within months it increased increased they now want me to pay £420 a month.
As I was pay £212 a month I was in debit and to pay that off this last month they have had over £600 from me. It’s like a.morgage. everyone I speak to can’t believe how high my bill is. I have asked bulb repeatedly to check my meters and advise to no avail and this was before the big increase. I’m fretting to be able to keep up with these payments it’s criminal

Can I please have a reply to my query from someone from Bulb?

Thank you

Surely Bulb have at least one person on duty whose job it is to read and reply to these directly asked questions? Bulb need to realise that decent customer service is the least we should receive at these distressing times.

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Hi @dbirrell :wave:

Thanks for posting on Community, it’s been a while since we last saw you here :bulb:

It looks like your SMETS1 electricity meter is being migrated onto the DCC smart network to bring it in line with the SMETS2 generation of smart meters. This process should be complete in the next 4-6 weeks. During this time we are estimating your electricity readings which has stopped us creating a suggested payment amount for you.

I can set your payments to a variable direct debit if you would like. This way we only charge you for the usage each month ensuring no credit or debit builds up. If you would like this method of payment we would need you to submit readings a couple days prior to your bills being generated to make sure you are charged the correct amount each month rather than to estimates. This payment will be taken within 14 days from your statement being generated.

If this payment method is of interest please let me know.

Luke :bulb:

Thank you for your (eventual) reply.

I am not satisfied with your explanation however as I do not understand how Bulb’s current meter issues create any problems relating to my projected usage which, we are told, is based on Bulb’s clever previous long-term records.

Your system clearly states that my minimum payment is £5. Obviously I do not expect to pay this amount for my fuel but the fact that I am seemingly being offered the chance to reduce my payment and then not being allowed to is frustrating. This is then compounded when my experimental attempt to then raise the payment amount was accepted immediately.

I do not wish to go on variable DD.

I think, like a lot of Bulb customers, I would be switching energy provider if there were any decent offers out there.

Sadly, it’s turned out to be a bit of shambles.