Changing from Economy 7 to standard

Hi Is anyone else wanting to switch from a Economy 7 tariff to standard. I have been asking Bulb about changing as we no longer have off peak usuage and we are over paying for our day unit compared to standard unit costs. Given the pending increase it seems sensible to change.

However Bulb tell me they have to change to a smart meter but our property is elgibal for a smart meter yet (rural). I know other providers have just counted both reading and simple to change.

I was curious on people thoughts and anyone else in a similar position.

Hi @Nlpconnect :wave:

Thanks for your post

I just had a look over your account and metering set up.

Unfortunately as your meter is configured as 2 rate, and still has a fifth terminal, we would have to bill it as if it were a 2 rate. This is because we would technically be billing you incorrectly if we were to add both rates up, and it could cause issues with industry data/ records.

If there is no need for the fifth terminal (ie storage heaters removed) we would need an electricians letter to prove this, and from there could look to install a single rate meter. Normally the best meter to install here a smart meter as they are free.

Let us know if you have any more questions
Eleanor :bulb:

I wasn’t told this i switched to smart meters on the intention of being put on a single tariff i was told last August i was on a waiting list and still am, these smart meters can be configured to any tariff and you are just not doing it…

Welcome to the club @spire - my Mum was told by Bulb support that switching to a smart meter was the simplest and easiest way to get changed to a single rate after install (a simple configuration change, we were told). Two and a half years later, she’s still waiting… In addition, that advice is still getting repeated on this forum, even though it’s wrong.

If you hassle them enough they will combine both sets of readings and bill you on their single rate, however. If you get told it’s not possible, it is - my Mum’s being billed that way, but only after a hell of a lot of to and fro with Bulb support.

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Hi @spire

If you have a fifth terminal, but no longer have storage heaters, we are able to request to switch you. However if you still have storage heaters, and a fifth terminal, we will need to keep you on a two rate tariff.

Do you have an electrician’s report stating that there is no longer supply going through that fifth terminal?

– Robyn :bulb:


Now I’m confused: my Mum doesn’t have a fifth terminal and has never had storage heaters. She’s been stuck on a dual rate smart meter with you for years. Are you saying that you can now switch dual rate smart meters to single rate? How does she go about getting that done?

Hi there is only 4 wires, i have never had storage heaters nor a immersion heater, I have been on a waiting list since I had my smart meter fitted last year… I was told back then if I had a smart meter it could be configured to a standard tariff…