Changing from prepayment to credit

Hi. I’ve been with Bulb since 25th September 2018 and currently have prepayment meters for gas and electricity but I am very eager to change to credit meters as soon as possible. I am also looking forward to making the change to smart meters and have signed up for the beta in the hopes that both changes can coincide. Please could you advise on whether it is possible to switch directly from regular prepayment meters to smart credit meters, whether the switch would have to be done in stages or both ways are possible; and what the charges would be in each scenario?

Kind regards,

Hi @Koi , sorry for such a late response! Good questions :).

You are able to change from prepay meters to credit meters if you are with us for 1 month minimum and you have regularly topped up. The costs for this would be 120 pounds for your electricity meter and about the same charge for your gas meter.

If you would wait, however, until we start installing our smart meters, there would be no charge :). This means that you could change your prepay meters to smart meters in 1 go, without having to pay for this. We are currently still on route to start rolling the smart meters out in large scale begin 2019.

Thank you for your very helpful response.