Changing location of meter

I am needing to change the location of my meter in the house due to renovation. Bulb have failed to send an engineer to do this - been waiting ages! Can anyone else move the meter or do I have to change suppliers?

How long is ‘waiting ages’?

There’s been a Pandemic and lockdown worldwide for the past 5 months so hardly surprising that your request for an Engineer hasn’t been possible lately

Hi @wiltshirec and welcome to our Community :bulb:

How far do you need to move the meter? Is it within or over 1 metre?

Since February. Bulb have been installing smart meters since June

Over a meter - going from upstairs to downstairs

It is true we’ve been installing smart meters since June. However, this has been at a reduced rate and to start with we’ve only been exchanging traditional credit meters to smart meters.

Furthermore, as this is quite a significant meter move you will also need to contact your network operator. Through Siemens (our metering partners) we can only book in meter moves under 1m.

Anything over this, has to be done by the network operator and then we will need to send an engineer the same day and they will need to connect the meter after the network operator has finished their work.

I’ve looked up and your network operator is SSE Power Distribution. They should be able to give you a quote by calling 0800 048 3516. Often the price is variant on the distance that you want to move the meter, but in the past I’ve heard from some members that this type of move can be pretty expensive.

Thanks for your reply. However, SSE have been contacted and have provided me with two dates to do their side of the work. For each date, Bulb could not provide an engineer nor commit to any other date, which I could have taken back to SSE to see if they could align. I have a quote from SSE to do the work and it is acceptable.

Hi @wiltshirec, I’ve been in contact with my colleague Rebecca about this, who currently has a complaint open with yourself. She’s going to be getting in touch with you again this morning, so keep an eye out for her email.

Lou - It appears that when Bulb do provide a set of dates, they cannot keep them. Just gone through another frustrating exercise where SSE confirmed one of the available dates that Rebecca emailed me last Friday, only for her to tell me that it was not now available after giving her SSE’s confirmation yesterday morning. SSE are even complaining to me that Bulb keeps cancelling appointments! Bulb have surely got to be able to do better??

@wiltshirec I’m really sorry for the frustrating experience you’ve had arranging an appointment for the meter move.

I can see this has now been rescheduled for the same day as the network distributor are attending the property and it’s been passed on to our engineers that this job is not to be cancelled.