Changing meter want to pay monthly?

Hi I’ve just moved house and I have one of those meters I have to top up at a shop onto a card/key for my gas and electric. I’m just about to join bulb bet before I do is there a way they can swap this so I don’t have to keep topping up and pay a monthly fee ?

No. you will have to join bulb first and then apply for a meter swap.
Doubtful your current supplier would do it, as you are in the process of switching

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Hey @RossAvis26 Thanks for asking about changing the meters also thanks @skippy64 for providing that information which is also correct.

We do however require you to pass a soft credit check before installing direct debit meters. We get the results within a week.

I am just providing you an email so you can read up on the process before proceeding, With information about the booking.