Changing meter

We are looking to move to bulb but we would need to get the meter changed as our current meter is the Scottish power comfort plus white meter which has three separate readings on it. We have a completely new heating system and just need a standard meter. Can you change the meter as part of the switchover? We have an an air source heat pump system and so will be claiming rhi grants - does this matter?

Hey! You may want to consider having this exchange completed before the switch, with the current supplier. This would be the fastest way for you to get that metering system changed over.

We could conduct the exchange, but we wouldn’t be able to book that in until your switch completed and your transfer readings with the old meter were finalised with the previous supplier. This would mean there would be a further lead-time. With Bulb, the exchange would cost £120 - you may want to cost this against Scottish Power to evaluate what’s the best option for you.

The air-source heat pump and your rhi grants won’t affect this.