Changing my gas

I have bulb for my electric and another company for my gas. I’m on a prepay meter for my gas. Just wondered if I could change gas to bulb but stay on prepay as I see the bulb standing charge is a little cheaper. I’m also due to get my electric meter changed in the next 7 days to a smart meter with Bulb.


Bulb are releasing something to do with smart prepay meters this month, so I’d keep an eye out for that if you want to stay with prepay. There should be no problem switching your gas over to bulb and keeping your prepay meter, though I’m not sure if you would need to contact them to get just the gas changed over or weather you could just use the usual change website.

Have been to the Bulb website and it was not very helpful for changing gas to them.
As I said I have electric with Bulb
Will keep an eye out for the smart prepay thin from them.
I may email Bulb at some point.

Hi @darrenney, you can absolutely switch your gas to us, but keep this meter as a prepay meter. This does have to be done by us manually, but I am more than happy to do this for you, if you would like.

I’m going to send you an email now, so if you can keep an eye out for that, that would be great!

I will have another think about it as your unit price is not much cheaper for gas then I’m paying the now with British Gas(Scottish Gas).Your gas standing charge is cheaper though.


Will think about maybe switching gas come the new year and will let you knew nearer the time.