Changing payment date

Hi there,

I recently switched to Bulb. I wanted to change the payment date of my direct debit so that it will be taken on the same date I had arranged with my previous supplier. I have waited until my first payment has been processed, and I have now changed the date from the 16th of the month to the 1st. As my first payment has been taken on the 16th (today), my next payment will be taken on the 1st, but will it be for the same amount? Or will it be a lower amount as it will only cover the period between the first payment and the second (15 days)?

Thank you in advance for any guidance you may be able to provide :slight_smile:

I believe it will be the same amount as Bulb operate a 12 x equal payments for the year.

I see, so is there nothing done to account for the change in payment date? For example my account being in credit?

I am sure Bulb will pick up on this and resolve for you but bear in mind that Bulb operate with a month in advance payment, if you have credit beyond this amount then they may credit back to you.
Many have changed the date for their dd payment but it comes down to timing to try and keep things balanced.

@dshukla169 Hey! The payment amount won’t change due to a payment date change. If you’d like it to though, you can set a different payment amount in the Bulb Account.

We do expect people to be in credit at this time of year, to offset the higher winter usage. If you feel like there is too much credit in there simply submit a set of up to date meter readings and let us know you’d like some back as a refund.