Changing supplier and upfront payments

Hi all

Just a little query; I have recently left British Gas and requested Bulb to take care of my electricity. After confirming everything online and having Bulb confirm that they will be shortly taking over - British Gas charged me the fee they have been on a monthly basis which appeared on my online statement. Bulb have since been in touch and have told me that they will be charging me an upfront fee in two days time of £107. Which now means I will be paying for two lots of electricity this month. Can someone verify this for me and tell me what on earth that is about?

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You wont be paying for two lots of electricity. You will have to pay British Gas for the electricity up to the date of your switch. Bulb charges for their energy in advance which is the amount you will paying Bulb in a couple of days time. Any over-payment you have made to British Gas will be refunded when they close your account with them which can take up to 6 weeks after the switch.

This is also explained on the page: