Changing the way we heat our homes: demand for heat pumps surged by 28% in 2021

Research by the online marketplace Rated People found that while only 3% of UK homeowners currently have heat pumps, there was a 28% rise in demand in the first months of 2021 :chart:.

This increase is in line with government ambitions to boost the distribution of heat pumps. December’s sixth Carbon Budget from the Climate Change Committee (CCC) recommends that 5.5 million heat pumps need to be installed in UK homes by 2030.

There are concerns about the scale of this ambition, including large upfront purchase and installation costs :money_with_wings:. Since 2015, available subsidies have proven to be effective to offset these costs (see our previous post) but it will be interesting to see if the move to the Clean Heat Grant will hinder heat pump adoption or if this more simple process will help.

Alongside financial incentives and subsidies, there has also been some interesting new research by the University of Sussex Business School :writing_hand: , which suggests ‘enthusiastic’ heat pump users who are willing to share their experiences are vital to meet the government’s goal :dart:. This follows a study where 1 in 3 homes in Finland claim a crucial factor in driving their decision to get a heat pump was seeing others posting on internet forums about their experience.

:question: Do you think encouraging people to share their stories will be an important part of achieving low-carbon heating in the UK?

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