Changing the way we heat our homes: Renewable Heat Incentive

Following on from @Mel_at_Bulb 's post on air source heat pumps, we wanted to delve deeper into the available financial incentives

Non-domestic RHI

Essential guide for domestic RHI

Joining requirements

RHI payment calculator

Are you considering or intending to apply for the RHI scheme?

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Clean Heat Grant?

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Do you think it makes more sense to wait for the Clean Heat Grant? I am not in a rush to get a heat pump but thinking of making the move. All these schemes can become a bit confusing!

Hi @Ricky.String :wave:

I understand the confusion but it probably comes down to a couple of factors. The RHI operates through a tariff-based system, where payments differ between properties depending on the efficiency. The Clean Heat Grant is one payment of £4000. It might be worth taking a look at the RHI calculator to compare :relaxed:

The other thing to consider is the eligibility criteria e.g. solar thermal panels might be excluded from the Clean Heat Grant.

Would you consider an air source or ground source heat pump? £4000 would definitely go further with a smaller system.

Cara :bulb:

Hi Cara, thanks for the info. Air source heat pump would be more affordable for me and less hassle by the sounds of things.

Yes £4000 would cover some of the costs and would be very welcomed! I will be keeping an eye on other peoples experiences before I make a final decision

Hi @Ricky.String :wave:
Yes, it also depends on the space you have for the heating system. The air source heat pumps seem like a great option if you are slightly more restricted in that sense.

Definitely helps to hear from those who have already been through the process!

Cara :bulb: