Changing to bulb

Hi I have been with boost since ovo moved us across, we have been happy up to last couple of months. We use the auto top up on boost, so when it goes to a certain amount, the app auto tops up the amount we have put. However this started failing a few months ago, all attempts to get their customer service to help fix this has gone ignored. My question is if we swap over to bulb, does their app do the same, we obviously already have smart meters installed, or will we need to put a set amount in, we have never been asked to give meter readings, I was of the understanding the smart meters do this anyway.
Greatful for any advice, just to be acknowledged would be an improvement.
Thank you

Bulb don’t support prepayment smart meters. Previously it would be arranged with the outgoing supplier for the meters to be reconfigured to pay monthly before going on supply with Bulb. But for a significant percentage of cases that didn’t happen, leaving customers with no electric and no way of topping them up.

Bulb are no longer accepting customers with smart prepayment meters until such time as they can actually support smart topup. They do not have a published date for when that might be.

Can you not switch to pay monthly, which will work out cheaper, and also be far less hassle?

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This way suits us, would it mean us having yet another meter installed, it appears the smart meters are too smart for the companies that use them

No, you’ll just need to get Boost to remotely reconfigure you from prepayment to pay monthly. They will probably have certain requirements in terms of credit checks etc. before they’ll do it.

Once that’s done you’ll be able to switch to Bulb. You’ll have to submit manual meter readings each month because Bulb wont be able to read your smart meters unless they are SMETS2, and even then there may be difficulties.

Will stay where I am then and just top up manually, thanks anyway, but read a few bad reports on here regarding smart meters not being set up proper, better the devil you know

Your smart meters are already setup so you probably wouldn’t have any problems. Worst case you’d have to manually submit meter readings each month just like they were traditional meters.

It would be worthwhile you looking to switch to pay monthly anyway, since prepayment rates are always more expensive.