Changing to standing order payment


You have over £450 of my money held in credit which you are earning interest on. I cannot afford this and it has to stop. I would like to change my payment from direct debit to standing order. Your company is not going to make profit from me through interest by over payment.

Your company is complicit in making energy charges artificially increased by doubling the cost of the daily standing charge rather than the cost of energy, which directly affects people who already struggle to afford their energy, and I will not be part of this.

I can’t see any help on your website to allow me to make this payment change, and I’ve had enough of being put on hold for 15 minutes+ with phone support - I’m self employed and this time costs me money. You have my email address so please send me your bank details through that.

If you’re wishing to change to paying the billed amount on receipt of your bill, you can ask Bulb to change your DD to variable. Any credit will be used first before Bulb start to take any money.