Charge for electricity

I have just bought an electric car
Its a - a 75kWh car which takes 75 units to fill from completely empty to completely full.
So much do i get charged?

It’ll depend exactly where you are in the country (there are slightly different prices per ‘grid region’ - use to look up your specific rates).

Working on the following assumptions:

  • You live at Buckingham Palace, SW1A 1AA (hello your royal highness if you do!)

  • You are filling the car entirely from empty at the time (which I believe is impossible as the batteries won’t allow you to discharge that low)

  • The “75 units” correspond to 75 kilowatts (which matches the 75kWh)

  • We can ignore the ‘standing charge’ of about £7.37 per month as you’ll pay that no matter how much power you use and we can ignore the dual fuel discount.

  • You are filling up during ‘night rates’ on an Economy 7 meter
    Night rate is 6.584p per kWh * 75 = 493.8p = £4.94.

  • You are filling up on a non-Economy 7 meter
    Rate is 11.949p per kWh * 75 = 896.175p = £8.96

Which is close to expected figures on - a Tesla Model S has a 100kWh battery and would cost £10.00 at a unit cost of 10p per kWh so £8.96 for 75kWh is within the right region.

@RichyB Spot on! Couldn’t have explained it better myself @dennisotter If you’re not already a Bulb member head here to get a quote If you are you can view your tariff detail to work out the cost of the units. Congrats on the new car!

Thanks Guys so much ,. I live WHITTON LONDON TW4 5PR west London, so how much would that be ?

Based on this quote for a property in your area:

You would be paying an Electricity Unit Rate: 13.010p per kWh

If you’re Tesla takes 75 units to fill up that will cost £9.76 (seems like a bargain to me!)

Hope that answers your question @dennisotter

Thanks…its a bargain indeed but the car was an expensive purchase so got to look after the pennies now…