Charge without meter readings

Hi how you can charge £100 without I giving you my meter readings???

It’s just an estimate. You’ll get the money back once they process your actual reading.

Or charge you more if the estimate was too low.

Also, is the £100 your direct debit payment? Remember the direct debit is not the bill.

Hi @Nedko ,

It sounds like this might be your direct debit, which is what you would have been quoted when you signed up.

This will come out each month regardless and go towards your energy usage for the month ahead. If you’re not happy with the amount you’re paying, or feel that you may use less than this, then by all means you can change your payment amount in your online account.

We do advise giving meter readings though so that when we do bill you at the end of the month we get it right.



And when Bulb request a meter reading you have a 2 day window to submit otherwise estimates will be used.