Charged double for electricity

Hello, one of my flat mates moved out so I started a new account in my name, we paid all of the months that she was living with us and now there is a final bill at the end of December of around 80 pounds despite us paying for December on the 3rd, I am then being charged for January on January 3rd, is there any reason for this and can it please be rectified in some way? Many Thanks

Hi @RowenLev,

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We take payments in advance, so even if the final bill up to your old account end date is paid we then need to take a payment for your new accounts first month, hence why we’re taking a payment on 03/01. Its not a double charge, you’ll only be billed on your new account from 24/12 onwards.

Let me know if you have any more questions,


Yes if I’m charged on the 3rd, why I am being charged on the 24th? also I am new to bulb and am unsure how to see my bills and when they are coming out. On the website it logs me out unless I come to this community page but I would like to check my bank details and when and what I am paying, every time I try I am redirected to this page or logged out and the app is apparently down for maintenance. If I could please have access to my account properly and also understand why I am getting billed on the 24th, many thanks.