Charged double?


Last month I had a bill from the 8th December to the 8th Jan. This month I’ve had a bill from the 8th December to the 8th Feb. It was about double what I was expecting. Both months I have submitted meter readings.

Could someone clarify what is going on here?

I believe they had an issue with billing around new year time. I also submitted readings on both occasions and although the sum total is correct for the 2 month period the statements and usage graph in mybulb are haywire.

@McPhee the answer is indeed related to @scudo’s note – it is explained in the italicised text at the top of your most recent statement. We refunded the first statement (listed on your new statement as a credit note). We then re-calculated the correct cost of your energy for the full period.

@scudo I think I fixed your usage graphs. (I feel so proud!) (NB What I did, I think our billing system will soon automatically for all accounts, soon.)