Charged for electricity I haven't used

I always send and gas and electricity readings on 15th of the month and am billed based on these on 18th. I send them manually having no smart meter.
About three months ago, I changed from paying in advance to paying in arrears to avoid the ridiculous, stressful increases that Bulb have a habit of imposing.
Today, my 18th June bill amount was refunded to my account and I was sent a ‘statement’ for an amount almost 50% more than the original bill. It covers the exact same period.
Upon examining the new bill, they have just randomly added 90 units of electricity that I haven’t used. The gas bill is unaltered.
Has this happened to anyone else? I have emailed and am awaiting their response but if anyone can enlighten me, I’d be grateful.

It was a system error which was quickly corrected by Shazia, for which I am very grateful.

Hey @metermaid Welcome back to community. :wave:

We can see that we had an estimation on the bill date but our colleague has removed this and sent out an updated statement, we are sorry this error occured and for any confusion this caused.

Carl :bulb:

Yes, Shazia sorted it out for me very quickly as noted above. Thanks.