Charged for old address

I moved house on the 30th September and submitted final meter readings on 9th October (the tenancy end date). I have set up a new Bulb account under the same log in details but you took the Direct Debit for my old address this week and notified me yesterday of the payment for my new address so that’s two payments in the same month.

I’ve not received a final bill for my old address so the account is now massively in credit.

I was very sceptical about how you deal with changes of address on accounts and I think the method of setting up a new one whilst the old one remains active on the account is open to error.

I have cancelled my direct debit and ask that the old address have its final bill issued in line with the final meter readings I provided and that any credit is transferred to the new address. Once this has been confirmed I will reinstate the direct debit as you have already taken a payment from my account this month. Please then ensure that the old address is removed from my account.

Can I also ask that you look at how the admin on address changes is dealt with.

Hi @gracie thanks for the message.

I have now closed the old account down and sent out a final bill using the readings you’ve entered. This has left the account in credit, so I’ve transferred this across to your new account now as well.

We have been actively looking at how to improve our ‘home move’ process, and just this week we’re implementing a change to make this process a lot smoother.

I have emailed you separately with the details regarding amounts, as I didn’t want to add this personal information in the community.