Charges - Electricity - Daily/Usage

I know that Bulb does not have a fixed tariff but how can I find out what my current daily and usage charges are. I wish they would show them (and the historic ones) on their app.

Don’t know how one might do that on the “app” but on the web site it is very simple.
Access Bulb and then click “Sign in”. Provide your user name and password and then click “Energy usage”. A graph will then show that advises your monthly usage assuming you have been providing meter redings. To access fuel costs and standing charge costs then go back to “Payments and statements”. Then click your most recent “Energy used” statement. Within the aforementioned you will see the repective costs which are most likely:

Unit rate: 13.31p/kWh
Standing charge: 19.47p/day (£71.07/year)


Unit rate: 3.44p/kWh
Standing charge: 19.47p/day (£71.07/year)

Hope this assists.

Thank you very much. Very helpful.

For the sake of clarity you also need to add 5% VAT to the above prices.

I think the only way to see the charges through the app is by downloading ur latest statement and viewing the unit and standing charges there :slight_smile:

Also meant to say, the charges vary depending where u are in the country… Im in the highlands and currently pay 13.85 ex VAT @ 5% :ok_hand:

In addition to looking at your statements and the “energy usage” tab of your online account, you can also go here to look at the current tariff information for your area. I think historic tariff information is available only from your past statements which you’ll have to collate yourself.

If it would be of any interest I created a spreadsheet that enables me to keep an eye on gas and electricity usage/costs and additionally I have now produced a very simplified version to calculate monthly costs in an instant. This runs on Excel and if the moderators are okay with my proposal, I could readily post it to a web address for anyone to download/use.

Please let me know if this would assist and likewise moderators could you confirm it is okay for me to put in a link to download the Excel file?