Charges should take place after period of usage not before..

Why when switching do you charge immediately? With Ecotricity ( my former supplier) you paid after you had used the electricity. - I have sent an email about this. Not happy at all. as I’ve now paid double my electricity monthly payments as a result.

This is mentioned on sign-up and again in your welcome e-mail. You did well to miss it :frowning:

“Upfront payments mean lower prices
They let us be smarter when buying energy, so we can pass savings on to you.”

"Covering your energy cost upfront
Once you start using energy, we transfer a payment from your bank into your Bulb account. This puts enough credit in your Bulb account to cover your energy cost for that month. After each month we work out how much energy you’ve used and we take out the cost of that energy from your Bulb account.

Taking payments monthly means you get smaller, more regular bills. This all helps you build up a buffer and avoid scary bills. It also helps Bulb keep an eye on how much energy we need to buy, letting us keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you."

Well- you were recommended to me becuase of this £50 credit business.and I didn’t take too much notice of this at the time BUT as a consequence of being billed up front. I have paid two lots of electricity for two months! and now from reading other posts here it seems, you keep this £50 as ‘a buffer’ as well. So although my account is now in credit with you. - it’s meaningless. Ecotricity didn’t have to charge up front and they charged me slightly less than you. So this sentence’ you’ll pass the savings on to us’ is not really true is it?
I always pay the same amount each month so I don’t need a buffer. regretting switching as now in debit in my real bank account by two months payments…

Hi Charlie,

We’re sad to hear you’re regretting switching! Let me put your mind at rest.

At Bulb we take a fixed payment in advance for the month ahead. So the first payment is taken on the day you switch.
We try to explain this during the switching process and in your Welcome Pack, but we understand that this is a slight change to what you’re used to and we’re working on explaining these things better. Thanks for the feedback!

Taking upfront payments monthly means you get smaller, more regular bills. It also helps us keep an eye on how much energy we need to buy, letting us keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you.

You mention above that your monthly payment has increased relative to your previous supplier. This is because of our winter uplift, whereby we increase our member’s payments by 20% during their first winter with us.

This is because we all use a little more energy in the winter, and we want to avoid your account falling into debit. We only do this during your first winter. The cost of energy remains the same, it just takes into account that you’re likely using a little more of it.

If you’d prefer not to pay a winter uplift perhaps because your consumption isn’t higher in the winter then just get in contact and we can remove it from your account. Members can adjust their payment amount each month in their MyBulb account under the “Change payment details” tab. We just ask you keep an eye on your account so that it doesn’t fall in to debt.

We are more than happy to put any credit on your Bulb account back into your bank account and have done so for you in this instance.

Let us know if you have any other feedback for us or any questions!

Thanks for joining Bulb!



thanks for sharing your thoughts, it is different from other suppliers, so we understand some of our members miss this, we’re glad the arrangement works for you!

hi… It might be the case that the majority of people use more electricity during the winter but I don’t. I’m happy to send you through my previous statements to prove this. Secondly, As I stated above, my former supplier (ecotricity) charged me a bit less than you do and doesn’t need to charge upfront to do this. Anyway, thank you for putting some credit into my account from the joining fee. at least this means that I wont’ now be out of pocket.

Hi Charlie,

No need to show us old bills, We’re just glad to help.



Hi - do you take the first payment on the day I enter my details or the switch date in 3 weeks time?

Hi @gemmathirsk we won’t take any money from you until the date of your switch, which is 21 days from the day you sign up online. :slight_smile: