Feeling a little crushed this morning. We only joined BULB on 5th September and within a week I have an email saying that my charges are going up by 21.6%. I have read the emails and blog advising the reasons but its still a massive shock.

Me too ,trying to cancel within the 14 day cooling period ,£28 rise dont think so !!!

Trouble is, if you go to USwitch, everyone else is more expensive!

@Simon_T Try MSE

Hi all - it’s an industry wide issue at the moment - we’re all affected by wholesale price rises. @andybott if you’d like to cancel the switch I’m happy to do that for you, just reply to this and tag me by typing @ then my username. @goldens - the prices won’t rise until 11th November, @yyt has given a good link for always checking the cheapest provider out there if you don’t think Bulb are right for you.