Charging at different times

IS IT any cheaper tobuse elecrricity?
I heard at night the charges are less…is this true based on the tariff i am on as i need to charge an electric car tesla model x

Hi there @dennisotter if you have a two rate economy 7 meter (where you give us two separate readings every time you read your meter, and you have seven hours of night rate usage on the night register) then you will have cheaper electricity at night. If you only give us one reading, though, the electricity will cost the same at all times of the day and night. If you charge your car at night it will reduce the load on the grid though, either way, and will make it less likely that coal and gas fired power stations will be required to balance demand, so it’d be more environmentally friendly

With a large battery like that to charge, I’d advise to Economy 7 if you’re not already on it.