did you know that bulb is FORCING their clients to pay x5 times more the amount of their monthly bills right now? in the middle of the pandemic? while people are struggling because they have lost all their incomes?

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Provide eveidence to back up your statement?

do you really think I’m inventing this???
my monthly payment were £20 each month as I’ve lost my job, this is all I can pay, and we are in almost summer so…
no more incomes at all because of covid-19, self employed, so not a cent of help coming,
and when I asked for help, asking them to allo me to find a job they answer me they will certainly not deal individual request
in the image attached you can see that BULB, as I said earlier is forcing me to pay minimum more than £90 per month:

I am unable to comment on your personal circumstances as to what you are able to afford.

You original post is misleading when you said you are being forced to pay 5 times your bill.

The meaning of bill to me is the cost of your energy not what is your direct debit payments.

Without knowing any more information other than that which you have posted in your response infers that you are using more energy than £20 per month and therefore Bulb is asking you to increase your monthly direct debit to pay for this energy.

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Bulb is not Asking Bulb is FORCING as they don’t let me any choice
They refused to help when I asked, they refused to make a common payment plan, and I’m not the only one.
This situation is really hard and this make me sick. TO do this to people now? seriously???


Hi @Allanr,
Just go in to your manage direct debit, see what it recommends and minimum against what your paying, you might be surprised at the new restrictions. :crazy_face:

I am truly shocked and appalled that control of payments has been withdrawn without notice particularly at such a critical time when due to coronavirus a bit of flexibility and understanding is necessary for those that need it in these difficult times. :grimacing:

The estimated payment for me has always been excessive (a bulb customer of nearly 3 years) and additionally i notice that it seems not to take into account the FIT contribution from my solar panels which goes direct to bulb account, this way I keep my direct debits standard throughout the year.

My recommended payment is £162.35 with a minimum £146.12. My actual monthly payment is £95 which I reduced from £100 only last month as I believe it’s still too much - this still allowing for a slight gain annually in bulbs favour. However £60 Excess in 12 months will be £700, my largest bill in last 12 months was February £168 so even with an extra month excess to spare (I was £112 short in March) so that’s £500 annually (£41 monthly) too much compared to my last 12 month usage to get to a point of 1 month excess at worst point.

Even choosing the minimum recommended payment would be a too much for bulb - The minimum restriction is excessive and that’s not even considering the fact that the recommended payment is wildly out.

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This doesn’t apply to me, I was a customer but no longer am. The supplier I am with don’t offer the facility to personally adjust my DD payments but having said that they realistically set my DD payments in line with my estimated usage over the next 12 month. The suppliers estimate is quite close to what I estimate based on my spreadsheet of past monthly usages.


Hello Phillip, yes exactly, thank you!
On their front page Bulb declares they help people during coronavirus but in reality they do the exact opposite!!! They suck people who are already on their knees
I’m not the only one to get this horrible surprise
Here they have changed the meter, and then ask me to pay few hundreds of pounds for no reason, and it’s not due to my energy because i take meter readings frequently, and now this? Bulb is full of really BAD surprises
Allan, you must have a lot of time to waist to stay here on this forum concerning an energy supplier that is not even yours…


Hi @ema1,

I’m very sorry for this frustrating and stressful situation. We do understand this is a difficult time and we understand that many of our members need to alter their direct debit at the moment. It is not a case that we are forcing our members to pay a monthly payment amount that they can not afford, it is simply that there is a new step before this can take place.

We have an obligation to ensure our members do not build up unmanageable amounts of debt, and therefore we do require that you go through one our financial advisory partners before payments can be lowered beyond 90% of our suggested payment amount.

If you go through our partners at Tully this process is quick and easy , and we will receive the results in 24 hours, and we act on them straight away. We do also have other options such as Citizens Advice. I’m very sorry but if you do not complete a financial assessment then we will not be able to reduce your payments. You can access tully here:

I’m very happy to discuss the different options and your specific case through email, if you would like.

As i said I’m fed up about your fake emails pretending you are helping
YOU ARE NOT HELPING AT ALL, you take your clients as hostages and forcing them to pay instaed of fixing YOUR mistakes
NO WAY I will give this “tully” compagny the right to go on my bank account for a month and a half!!!
When you changed my meter, you also multiply the amount i should have pay you with no reason,
and as i said it is not linked to my consomation of energy as I give you meter readings online frequently.
and now in the worst global situation for everyone, you force me to pay x5 times more than i should and than i can afford
I asked for help: you refused
I asked for a common plan: you refused
are you proud @Noah_at_Bulb to make me sick like this? I cannot sleep at night I eat once a day and now you spamming me with all your emails saying that I will have fees i will have power cut?

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@Noah_at_Bulb wow that sounds like an unnecessary complicated process!

When most credit cards, mortgages and loans are offering ability for a quick 3 month suspension of payments if you are affected by coronavirus implications with no effect to credit score, acknowledging that interest will be charged, just by ticking a few boxes this whole Tully process does not sound quick and easy.

Coronavirus aside, 90% restriction is not the ‘being in control of your payments’ which you used to offer it’s far too restrictive.

I will start a separate thread later about the fact that the suggested payment itself is incorrect as the monthly usage on payments page is wildly out.


Hi @Phillip_PAL There are a few reasons that we’ve opted for partnering with Tully rather than giving the options of suspended payments. We prefer to give our members more autonomy over their direct debits, but we’ve had to balance this with our responsibility to prevent members from building up unmanageable debt at what is a challenging time for everyone.

I’ll try to lay out the keys reasons below.

  1. Tully are experts in helping people to manage their finances and their services are valuable whether you’re experiencing a shortage of cash for the first time and need a hand working out a manageable payment for the short term, or you’re consistently having trouble covering your usage and could benefit from an independent party communicating a workable amount to us based on your financial situation.

  2. This process is something we can point all of our credit meter members to, this way our payments policy during this time is as fair as possible. Our payment review system that increases payments for members in debit is based on account balance and usage statements. This system doesn’t factor in personal finances. Tully comes in at the stage where personal finances are an important factor to include when calculating monthly payments. A consistent policy, rather than allowing members to cancel direct debits en masse (as many will be relying on furlough, lower earnings or similar) ensures we’re managing accounts responsibly and can initiate discussions around money where needed.

  3. Payment suspensions may free up immediate term cash, but during this time people still use energy and will be billed for it. Full payment suspension will lead to numerous accounts going into debit and given that we don’t know future timelines for the health or economic situation improving we can’t say with confidence when it would be realistic for members to make these kind of lump sum payments. Instead we’re focusing on the information we do have to allow members to find out what they can afford to pay through Tully.

We understand that no one likes to have restrictions on how their money is managed, but this is our alternative to increased payments in the immediate term for those who need it. This partnership was borne out of a sense of care and responsibility for our members and not a desire for control. I hope the reasons I’ve outlined show this.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions & stay safe

the original post was mine and the fact that YOU forcing your clients by increasing their payments X5 times more in the worst time of their life so stop answering like you are not responsible
and keep answering the only solution is to give our permission to a third to have access to our pivacy bank account during a month and a half!!!
we are not only talking about restrictions here, you have changed your policies to make it harder during coronavirus pandemix WITHOUT asking your clients, WITHOUT consulting them and WITHOUT even trying to make plans with them


I will have to say, I wasn’t happy last month that Bulb decided to force me to pay a £100 when I knew my bill would be between £60 and £70. I have never been in debt with Bulb, try to keep a balance on it and I always adjust my direct debit when I use more gas in winter. Removing my ability to adjust at my leisure was my niggle with this ‘new’ system.

I will say that after that bill and direct debit, Bulb automagically reduced the forced direct debit from £100 to an optional £21.64 one next month. It feels that the ‘new’ system cannot predict usage properly as my useage next month would be £60-70 again. Shame for Bulb is that this incident made me finally jump ship to Octopus.


@ema1, I couldn’t agree with you more. I am equally infuriated and am having the same experience.
When I first joined bulb, my recommended monthly payment was £20 per month which I naively believed and went on to pay for a whole year before I realised how much I was in arrears - foolish of me not to check earlier, but I increased the payments and made up the shortfall.
If they were happy to allow me to fall into arrears for a whole year, how come all of a sudden they want to increase my payments and not allow me to manually adjust to an affordable amount?!
A little understanding during these difficult times would go a long way.


I’m so sorry for you, I feel like your story is mine. I had the same experience, I had always try to pay my bills, and also increase by myself the amount in winter, I just asked for some flexibility in those nightmarish time but it looks like Bulb is the only company to force its client to increase their bills during pandemic…
PLEASE: take some times to check and double check your bills!!!
I spend few hours trying to decorticate what the hell is the payment of few hundred pounds they ask me to pay forcing me to increase my monthly payment by 5 when I’m on UC now that I have no more incomes
and guess what: I discover that THEY HAVE MADE MISTAKES OF MORE THAN £300!!! overestimated versus the real fees and consommation I had for the last years since I’m with them!!!
They also count more days in a year so you pay more standing fees!!!

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We are on lockdown so have time on my hands. I keep a little eye on what is happening with Bulb should I decide to return to them when they become cheaper than my new supplier. Never had problems with Bulb during my time with them. If you don’t want others to comment on this forum it is best to contact Bulb direct, that is assuming you can get response from them. To glibly say Bulb forced you to increase your payments five fold wasn’t the full situation.


again @Noah_at_Bulb @Matthew_W_at_Bulb so cool from this company to increase their prices during this global crisis :imp:
so fair so classy

Being an ex customer of Bulb myself I will say that Allan has been one of several customers (or ex) that have given a lot of time in trying to help others with their issues.
You may not like the answers but at least give credit that they do try and help.


@ema1 We’ve deleted two of your recent comments on this thread. We’re happy for you to raise issues with us here, but won’t tolerate rude or abusive message towards other valued members of our Community.

As we’ve not been able to reach a resolution after discussing your account on a number of our channels, we’ve passed this to our complaints team to review individually. You can expect an email from them with your complaint details soon and hopefully we’ll be able to reach an agreement on this