Chat system rejects valid email addresses

Trying to us chat from within the app. Get an error telling me my email address is not in a valid format. Interesting given that it is a valid email which I’ve used to register with Bulb and with this forum

Hi @john8 and welcome to our Community,

I’m sorry for the experience you’ve had with our chat service. I’ve just replied to your question in the other thread.

If you need anymore help, please let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

So what’s up with the chat system. I’d much prefer to communicate with my supplier interactively, rather than through forums and email. One of the reasons I switched to Bulb was because it was a “smart” company that worked using smart technology. You need to get this fixed and working.

Are you going through your phone? We’ve had reports from some members who have newer Iphone that have experienced an error with our chat system. This is something which is currently getting fixed.

Are you experiencing the same issue if you log into your Bulb account and use our live-chat service through a computer?