Cheap rate changeover times

My smart meter fitted in the middle of August 2019 in the East Midlands region is definitely not changing at the times in the list. It displays time in BST and changes at 08:30 from cheap rate to day rate. My IHD (supplied at the same time) changes at 07:30 although it displays in BST (at the moment) Can the rate change time on the IHD be brought into agreement with the outside meter?

I have not bothered to stay up and peer at my outside meter at 01:30 in the morning to check that it changes correctly (-7 hours )

Duplicate thread:

As the clocks went back at the end of summertime the outside meter has changed its time correctly which has updated the time on the IHD so this is correct to GMT. I have not been up to check the timing for the change over between normal rate and cheap rate yet but will post if I do.