Cheaper Tariffs for charging EVs

Having just joined this community AND having just bought an EV I was hoping that Bulb are looking into cheaper tariffs (used to be called Economy 7) for charging EVs midnight to the early hours. There are a couple of energy suppliers that are now tapping into this ever increasing market and I am seriously considering switching if there are no plans to offer this…

Bulb do have plans, I’m currently on their EV tariff that is in the trial stages :slight_smile: it works out around 5p per KWh between 2-6am every night. We’ve saved a packet doing lots of shorter charges during this time instead of charging for a full night every now and again.

Four hours charging with a 40Kw battery is not enough for a full charge. I need at least six hours. It’s a start, but Bulb needs to extend the cheap period. It’s damaging for the long-term life of your battery to be constantly “topping up”. Not always practical, but best to charge when you’re down below 20 per cent.

I agree, but you would still save during the 4 hours. We have just been topping up the charge and letting it drain fully every couple of weeks.

Other than having you home power supply upgraded to 3 phase not a lot you can do

A house normally has a 100A power supply and the local power sub station typically serves about 200 homes BUT it cannot provide 200,000A at the same time typically it can only provide about 100000 so if everyone starts getting EV’s the grid will have major problems particularly as many household have 2 or 3 cars

Hi @reevsie, Welcome to the Community :wave:

as @fiona.bullock says, we are currently trialing an EV Tariff, which would give you a cheap 4-hour off peak period to charge your EV overnight - when power is cheaper (and also greener!).

You already have a smart meter, so you can switch over to this straight away, you’ll just need to sign up through your Bulb Account - [Click Here] to make the switch (

Let me know if you’ve got any more questions about this!

I don’t think constantly topping up in itself does any harm, after all it’s expected to lose charge in chunks as you drive to various places! It’s topping it up to 100% all the time that I think does the damage. I only top up to 70% on AC charging when I need to top up (unless I’m off on a long journey the next day), other people choose 80% as their limit on AC (you only top up to 80% on rapid DC charging anyway because the speed of charge drops off rapidly above 80% so there’s no point). Once a month or so you do need to top it up to 100%, but obviously drive it immediately. It’s staying at a 100% charge for a time which degrades the battery. So topping up from 2 - 6 am and not reaching your limit is good for the battery! When using an ICE car you don’t fill up the tank every day so why would you with an EV?

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