Cheaper using disposable plates!

It is now cheaper to use disposable plates than pay for gas to heat water to wash regular plates !
So much for green energy !
Disposable is the way to go.

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Changes in the wholesale market do impact us when we supply renewable energy. At the moment, there is only one price for electricity and gas and the cost of renewable energy is linked to this. So higher fossil fuel prices put up the price of renewables too.

In the UK, we’re still heavily reliant on gas which means with the rising gas costs, the cost of electricity goes up as well and the whole energy market is affected.

It’s important to aim at reducing reliance on gas and keep building more renewable generation in the UK in order to benefit from the lower cost of renewables in the long term. With more clean, low carbon technologies like EVs and heat pumps available, this is something we hope to achieve in the near future. We’ve actually built a taskforce recently to help reach net zero and accelerate progress in climate tech. You can read about if you’re interested here:

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