Checking Bulb calculations on Bill

A month on, and the mystery is solved.

Today’s annual statement reveals that the VAT inclusive price IS, after all, 3·9396.
If I follow the “Our Tariff” link at the bottom of this page and enter my postcode it says 3·938.
If I look at my dashboard’s “My account and tariff info” it says 3·94.
Please Bulb, can we have some clarity and consistency?

Those of us who use a calculator and/or spreadsheet would appreciate accurate figures, to as many decimal places as you actually use.
Those who don’t would not be disadvantaged.

I emailed them about a discrepancy in my gas bill this week, which they explained thus:

“Our bulb bills round the number to 2 decimal places to make the bills look simpler”

I replied niclely that making the bill look simpler might sound good, except for when they don’t plan for the mathematically adept among us.

I wish I’d added that it also makes the bill look WRONG, not to mention having a detrimental effect on trust!

Absolutely @Aranhe
It’s the ONE thing that drives me nuts about Bulb. :s

It's the ONE thing that drives me nuts about Bulb. :s

It doesn’t drive me nuts but it is somewhat illogical not to have the units prices and costs to a reasonable number of decimal places and to be consistent when showing this in different places. Each month my PC cleverly works at my costs based on my meter readings and unit costs, but I sometimes have to replace the calculated costs by a manual entry to line up with what it says on my actual bill, perhaps only out by a couple;e of pence.

I agree with what you’re saying @Allanr
The reason it drives me nuts is because it’s so unnecessary and pointless.
When buying most goods or services, the only thing that matters to the consumer is the VAT inclusive price - to two decimal places of a pound (pence). I’m quoted a price - I pay it - all fine.
Energy is a little different, in that I’m NOT quoted an accurate rate, because, say Bulb, it keeps things “simple”.
Really? :confused:
On the monthly statement the recorded kWh are multiplied by a VAT-exclusive rate to two decimal places. There’s a daily standing charge of x days at, again, a VAT-exclusive rate to two decimal places. VAT is then added. Inevitably I have to apply a fudge factor to make my calculation equal to Bulb’s figure for the total bill.
Having done that, I’ve merely proved that we’re both right, or maybe, we’re both wrong! It’s hardly open, transparent and honest, like everything else is with Bulb.
Apart from asking on the forum, the only time I’ve seen accurate rates is in the annual statement, which of course in a volatile market isn’t valid for very long.
Please, Bulb, show the actual, accurate rates that you’re using to calculate my bill - or come up with a valid reason why you can’t or won’t.


Yes I agree, your fudge factor is analogous to me having to do a manual calculation on my spreadsheet.

I certainly find it frustrating having to manually adjust my spreadsheet, what is even more annoying for me is I flagged this up in Sept of 2017 so over a year ago and it still hasn’t changed, this was one of several emails at that time.

As per bill: 123 kWh @ 11.67 = £14.39 (I make that £14.35) You explained you use 4 decimal points, so: 123 kWh @ 11.6736 equals £14.3585 or rounded up is £14.36 So I am still seeing a discrepancy. Can you please explain.

If they are going to stick as it is then please Bulb give us an explanation so we can at least put it to bed.

My most recent bill on the smart tariff this month, I can’t get within a couple of pounds of what Bulb give as the total!

I couldn’t be bothered to query it for such a small amount. But it does bother me that they seem to follow different mathematical rules.