Checking Landis&Gyr Economy7 meter SETTINGS?

We have a Landis & Gyr 5246C electricity meter running Economy7. The front push button simply cycles between R1,R2 and T (total).

Anyone know how to check the actual clock and Economy7 on and off times ? (they are set in-meter and vary according to location and INITIAL supplier !)

Hi @RichardChes :wave:

That’s definitely something worth knowing for yourself, but it won’t always be on the meter.

I can confirm that your day/ peak time is from 7:30 - 00:30 and your night/ off peak time is from 00:30 - 7:30.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

– Meg :bulb:

Thanks Megan yet the only true way of confirming this is via the meter itself. I was hoping that holding the button down might access other functions. My attempts to get a user/installation/service manual have so far failed.

There is also the issue of summer/winter time changes. Does this meter automatically adjust its clock by 1 hour or stay set to the same time all year round ? (as some meters do). Hence again the need to see its clock and switching times.

Hi @RichardChes

We do have this help article that goes into a little more detail about off peak hours.

As you have a legacy meter, the time on the meter doesn’t change, so when BST starts/ends then it means the meter time stays the same, and so is an hour out. Unfortunately we can’t change this on the meter, we’d just have to wait till the clocks go back again and it will go back in line.

Have you considered getting smart meters installed?

– Meg :bulb: