Clarification on composite meter readings

Can anyone help? I have recently moved into a flat, and I have a composite meter, due to having both peak rate and cheap rate electricity. I need to know how to read the meter (no illustrations on the Bulb web site seem to look like my meter, which has five different displays which I can cycle through). I also need to know how to enter the readings onto the correct sections on meter reading forms on the Bulb web site. Initially conversations with a Melissa, and Stephen, led to mixed messages. I wrote some emails to the Bulb helpdesk on 25 Sep, and 27 Sep, asking for clarification, which have been completely ignored. I rang them again on 1 Nov and spoke to a Steph, and I asked her why no one had replied to my emails. She assured me she would reply within two days, but I still have not heard anything. Now Bulb are wanting to increase my monthly direct debit for my electricity, something which I am unhappy about as neither myself, or Bulb, seem to know how to interpret my meter readings. Can Bulb see the meter remotely I wonder? Below are the emails sent to Bulb. I will also try and post the photos. I am now thinking a 5th displayed data item on the meter also needs to come into play.

E-mails sent to, and ignored by, Bulb are below:

Since sending the e-mail below on Saturday 25 Sep, I have spoken to Melissa, and later to Stephen, on your helpline number. Melissa told us one thing, which on trying to enter the meter readings on-line appeared to be incorrect. I then spoke to Stephen, who told us the following:
MPAN 1100770567183 was the reading described on my meter as Rate 1, and on 24 Sep read 68922. This is the day reading.
MPAN 1100770680464 was the reading described on my meter as Rate 4, and on 24 Sep read 38452. This is the night reading.
See photos in my original email to yourselves dated 25 Sep.
Stephen was then meant to be entering the meter readings on your system for me.
Please can you confirm categorically that the above information is 100% correct. Also that these readings have been entered correctly on your systems for billing.



25 September 2021 12:53
Reading my meters

I am being asked to submit meter readings
MPAN: 1100770567183
Meter serial number: H04FC02249
And also for
MPAN: 1100770680464
Meter serial number: H04FC02249
Here are good quality photos of my meter, where I have cycled through the readings. Please tell me which photos show which of the two meter readings required above.
Thank you.

Hi @ChristineF

Thanks for your post and welcome to community :wave:

Sorry to hear you’ve had a poor experience with us and it does look like your meter is a tricky one to read.

I just took a look at those photos you sent, and to confirm

R1 = the reading for MPAN 1100770567183
R4 = the reading for MPAN 1100770680464

The readings have been updated by my colleague too.

Let me know if you need any more help on this one

Ele :bulb:

Hello Ele,

Yes please some further help would be appreciated. If you could carefully read what I have written below, and answer the questions I ask it would be great.

When using your web site to enter electricity meter readings there seems to be two clickable links namely :

Link 1 : “Previous reading : 69147 (kWh) Meter serial number : H04FC02249”


Link 2 : “MPAN: 1100770680464 Meter Serial number HF04FC02249”

When clicking Link 1 it opens a page that states “Submit meter reading . Meter serial number H04FC02249, MPAN: 1100770567183” and states a previous reading? There is room to enter only ONE reading.

When clicking Link 2 it opens a page that states “Submit meter reading. Meter serial number H04FC02249, MPAN: 1100770680464”. There is room to enter THREE readings.

Now presumably when moving onto the page from Link 1 I should enter the R1 from my meter?

When moving onto the page from Link 2 what should I enter where? Note it insists on THREE readings being entered. Presumably one of this will be the R4 reading from my meter? What do I put for the other two readings though?

Just to complicate things even more the R5 reading on my meter seems to be creeping up very slowly? What is this? Does this figure need entering somewhere?

If you could try and clarify this nightmare situation it would be appreciated.

Hi @ChristineF

I’m really sorry this has been causing so much difficulty.

I think explaining this without me being able to see what you can on the meter is proving a little tricky. I want to make sure that everything is as clear as possible so I don’t further complicate things.

I’ve bobbed you an email, asking for a video of you scrolling through the screens of your meter. If you are able to send that through, I can match up the screens to the options in your Bulb Account for you.

Ele :bulb:

Hi Ele,
I have sent you an email with a video of the meter readings