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I have moved out of the property, how do I notify Bulb and cancel my agreement.


@steve8986 If you send us the meter readings from when you moved out then we can close the account right away!


I have just sold my house and do not require a further gas or electricity service as I have moved in with my girlfriend.
I have just supplied a meter reading for both gas and electricity.

Can you let me know how I cancel the account, please.

Many thanks.

Hi @Winn1woo if you just pop us over an email too with the date and the readings you moved out on, we’ll get that all sorted out for you.

Hi there we are not moving out but we would like to close the account how would I go about closing the account?

Hi there we are not moving out but we would like to close the account how would I go about closing the account?

To do that you will have to terminate all electric and gas services to your property. Is that what you intend?

If not, you need to clarify what you are trying to do.

Winn1woo June 4, 2018 1:47PM Flag
As I understand it: He has sold his house so Bulb will continue to supply the sold house until such time the new owners decide to switch companies. Winn1woo contacts Bulb with details of readings etc and Bulb should contact the new owners and change the billing names and dd details.
As I understand it:

Yes that was resolved by David at Bulb. But I was replying to @Douglas_Officer2019 who seems to have a different scenario of wanting to close the account without moving house or switching supplier.

Re Douglas_Officer2019
I believe if he is staying at said property and wished to disconnect gas/elec then in theory it can be done but will normally entail getting meters removed (at a cost) I am also led to believe the cut off has to be at the point where you would not be paying a standing charge for distribution maintenance costs, so possibly at street level.


I will move out from the house at the end of August, and my friend will move in after, so I want to close my current account, and swtich it into my friend’s name. what should I do to do that?


You need to contact Bulb, they will continue to supply the property but will likely need to speak to the new resident to confirm and agree the name change.

Hi I am moving out & would like to close the account(terminate my electricity supply) how would I go about closing the account?

Follow the moving out process. Note that “move out” means “cease to be legally responsible for the property” which may not necessarily be the same as the day you physically move out.