Closing account

I have closed my bulb account as I moved out and leaving the UK but the process for getting the final bill, closing the account and getting any remainder money back is taking a long time. Any idea how many working days they should calculate this and when money will be back on my bank account? Just in a hurry as I have to close my actual bank account soon and have them 2 weeks notice upfront. Thanks

Hi @Ivana,

It can take up to 6 weeks for the final meter readings to be ‘verified’ by the industry regulator ( see Leaving Bulb – Bulb ) which Bulb then uses to produce your final bill and issue your refund - which could then take 1-2 weeks to reach you through the banking system.

It may be worth just dropping Bulb an email (see How to get in touch – Bulb ) letting them know you’ll be closing your bank account and they should be able to provide a refund via another method. They might have to try sending the refund first and waiting for it to ‘bounce’ from your bank for security purposes, but once that has happened they’ll be able to issue the refund via another method. I know for ‘prepay referrals’, they issue refunds via Transferwise and I suspect they’ll do the same for you - Transferwise should allow you to withdraw the money in any of their supported currencies (which is most of them) to practically any bank account in the world (I know they support US, UK and European accounts). If you let Bulb know which country you are moving to (and, if you have a bank account in that country already setup, the IBAN/SWIFT details), they may be able to ensure things are refunded smoothly for you.

Oh okay, that’s great Information, thankyou, I’ll maybe send another email and see what else I can do